History of the Company

The company was stablished in 2009 with the name of Guara Ab-Khazar. It was operating under the mentioned name until 2014, when its name changed to Tose-Sazehaie Energy Khazar company. About 16 national industrial projects have been completed or under execution and construction by Tose-Sazehaie Energy Khazar Company. According to precious experience, earned during a past decade and relying on the knowledge and experience of managers and qualified experts, our board decided to developed our field of activities, which resulted in establishment of Tose-Sazehaie Energy Khazar Group.According to the decision of the Board of Directors, the company structure was changed to Holding and KHAZAR Holding was formed with a majority stake of 4 active companies. KHAZAR Holding is active in the field of procuring, executing, constructing of industrial projects such as power plants, refineries, Oil, gas, petrochemicals in the form of general contracting, commercial services, installation, supply, construction and installation of equipment, metal structures, construction operations, etc., and strives to use technology and market identification, Investing and cooperating with large domestic and foreign companies.