Business Partners

Business Partners

  • A business partner for our employees & management during their work journey in all processes,
  • To create a strong motivation for our employees by walking with them in the same direction,
  • To expose a customer-focused approach by adopting open door policy.

Some of Our Partners :

South Korean BHI– Manufacturer of HRSG and Boiler

Gil Sanat Iranian – Erection and Commission of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Plant

Niroo Va Tavan Co. – Execution and of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and industrial complex

Qodse Nirou Co. – Oil & Gas & Power Plant Design Consulting Engineering

Tadbir Energy Gostar Iranian Co. – Oil & Gas Pipelines

Pars Kimia Part Co. – Projects Financer and Oil & Gas Plant Supplier

Bokhar Sanat Atieh Co. – Construction and Erection of Oil & Gas

Komar Sanat Co. – Construction and Erection of Oil & Gas

Taif Shimi Co. – Erection of Oil & Gas Pipelines

Kabir Joosh Apadana Co. – Erection and Commissioning of Oil & Gas Pipelines

Geo Kav Andish Consultants – Active in Geotechnic, Soil and Foundation engineering,  Strength of Material