Tose Sazehaie Energy Khazar

Tose Sazehaie Energy Khazar Co. established to provide engineering and technical services in the field of power plant, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. By recruiting experienced managers and experts, Tose Sazehaie Energy khazar pursuing its goals to use domestic capacity, knowledge and capabilities with respect to its commitment to social and environmental issues to execute awarded project considering time, quality and cost in the benefit of stakeholders.


Oil, Gas and Energy Transmission Equipment

Tose Sazehaie Energy Khazar Co. by relying on experiences of well-trained managers and expert engineering team and using past successful experiences and modern standards and technology is ready to provide services for oil, gas and energy transmission equipment in and

Management Contract

  Management Contract or Project Management involve in procurement, mobilization, demobilization, providing machinery & equipment and needed manpower plus management execution for technical, financial and administration activities including mechanical, electrical, paving and other related activities up to finalizing the project.

Power Plant and Industrial Projects Installation and Commission

Tose Sazehaie Energy Khazar  Co. engages in all stages( design, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning) of different types of projects in field of industrial, power plant, power transmission, petrochemical and pipeline in medium or large schedules. Tose Sazehaie Energy Khazar

Current Projects

Completed Projects