farhad aflaki

aflakiName: Farhad Aflaki

Date Of Birth: 1972

Place of Birth: Tehran

Education Information: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Position: Commercial Manager

                                                      Experience: 20 years

Company Name

Project Detail Position Duration
Tose Sazeha Energy Khazar Mobilization and Installation  of The Power plant & Oil,Gas Industries Commercial Manager 2017 - untill now
International Goods Inspection (IGI).
Inspection and Marketing Manager 2014-2017
United Energy Development (UED) Orumieh Power Plant Vendors Assignment Head 2010-2012
Bina Consulting Engineers Gas PipeLine Project Equipment Procurement Supervisor in 2008-2010
Golden Group Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Petrochemi Procurement Head for Mechanical Equipment


Industrial & Engineering Inspection (IEI) Subway and Train Cars- Mollasadra and Taleghan Dams-Arak Aluminium Factory- … Technical Resident Inspector in China


Mangan Machine Manufacturing Material Handling Equipment & Crane Projects Hydraulic Crane Department Manager & Designer


Pars Sanaat Machine Manufacturing Material Handling Equipment Projects Project Manager & Desinger