Company goals

One of the most important factors of the company is its in-house and outsourcing goals.
A) Intra-organizational goals (staffing)
B) Out-of-field goals (people, government, rivals)

Institutional goals:
Considering the project-driven nature of the company, identifying staff and determining their personality, and establishing cooperation and interaction among them, as well as handling complaints, needs, requests and suggestions, creating a sense of responsibility among employees, as well as informing them of dullness Policies, Programs, Policies, completed  and current Projects, Get Activity Reporting, Plans and programs of the organization and, ultimately, the task that everyone has towards the company, the country and 
the general public They have a special interest in the Tose Sazehaei Energy Khazr Company.

Outsourcing goals:
The Tose Sazehaei Energy
Khazr company as a contracting company has important tasks in the field of outsourcing, including market recognition and segmentation, measurement of companies and organizations associated Are affiliated with the Tose Sazehaei Energy Khazr company. Familiarizing them with the type of organization's activity with any appropriate method is one of the most important outsourcing goals of the company. In addition, the company is committed to promoting the outsourcing of the organization, which is of particular importance to the organization, by abandoning the quality of implementation of work and satisfying and trusting its employers. Commits to following the following principles

Compliance with standards:

  • Run projects at the right time with high quality and lower cost
  • The use of specialized machinery and equipment for any particular product
  • Use the experienced and skilled technical staff of the project
  • Continuous improvement in project implementation in order to increase the satisfaction of employers
  • Provide a suitable working environment and conditions
  • Acceptance of any criticism and suggestion of the manufacturer

Mission of the company:
The mission of the Tose Sazehaei Energy Khazar company is to serve the industrial independence of the country and achieve these goals. And in order to promote the heavy industry community, the country is working on improving the infrastructure and prosperity of the future of Iran. In the form of an enterprise to develop and Gaining international credibility.

Company vision:
The Tose Sazehaei Energy Khazar Company, based on its capabilities, considers the following principles:

  • Participating in national and regional markets and maintaining exciting market
  • Achieve annual growth in the implementation of infrastructure projects in the country
  • International capability in the heavy industry of the country, such as implementation of power plants, refineries, oil and gas and petrochemicals, construction, etc.
  • Creating a business market

The scope of the Tose Sazehaei Energy Khazar company:
The development company with the presence of a specialized manpower in the form of an enterprise in the country as an executive contractor is as follows:

  • Power plants including thermal, gas, water, combined cycle, industrial and etc.
  • Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Refinery industries and other facilities
  • Collaboration with international companies in order to provide project equipment
  • Management of equipping
  • Providing services and supplying goods required for projects
  • Employer Welfare Services and Facilities

Development company capital:

  • Development funds are capital
  • Material capital
  • Spirituality

Facilities’s Company:
In order to provide a suitable platform for facilitating the internal communication of the personnel of the organization, the company has been developing significant activities in this regard such as:

Hardware and software features such as advanced computer systems and specialist software, as well as software project control to provide accurate periodic reports that are used. And also with system startup. Also, with the launch of the internal system, using the company's automation system and email software, the company has been working to remove the paper from the internal corporate cycle.

The company has been able to properly manage and use the powerful software, with appropriate coordination in its organizational processes, to create the appropriate facilities and, while improving the efficiency of the staff, strengthen the communication of the head office with the site of the company and the client's site.