Human Resource (HR) Policy

The TSEK Group positions being a good corporate citizen who develops together with society as our primary objective and fulfills our social mission through the below visions based on our management philosophies of “Contribute to the development of society through technology” and “Human resources are our single most valuable asset”.

Work Principles and Ethics

All employees in TSEK GROUPS, have equal rights in the direction of management the differences. Nationality, beliefs, origin, gender, disablement, political views and ages are regarded as diversification in terms of human resources. Individuals are never judged for their personal differences.

Performance and Career Management

The aim of the performance system at TSEK GROUP is to measure the performance of the employees from several aspects like teamwork, creativity, compliance with company culture and rules etc. To give an effective feedback and to accentuate the team performance as much as the individual performance. Our company’s goal is to define career paths that will lead employees to reach their goals.


The objectives of the training activities are to establish a company culture guided by talent, quality, productivity and consciousness. ISO systems trainings and hygiene, environment&health&safety at work are also most valuable trainings for our company. Our belief is we can have our sector leadership with personnel growth and motivation of our qualified talented employees. We invest in human resources since our establishment because we believe investments will bring value to our company.
We have an energetic structure and follow orientation programs for our new employees so they can adapt to our company culture easily. We support everyone to be their own leader. We force -in a positive manner- our employees to take incentives and feel responsible for what they do.