Mission , Strategy and Goals

The TSEK Group positions being a good corporate citizen who develops together with society as our primary objective and fulfills our social mission through the below visions based on our management philosophies of “Contribute to the development of society through technology” and “Human resources are our single most valuable asset”.


The company, in line with its mission, utilizes the knowledge and science of the day and the high efforts of its staff, is trying to achieve the following:
1.Achieve the technical and engineering capabilities of the company in accordance with the international and domestic standards of the company.
2.Achieving the ability to provide appropriate services for the engineering, design, supply, construction, installation, and installation of equipment and related contracting activities in order to maximize revenue from domestic and foreign markets.
3.Increase and update the level of technical and specialized knowledge of human resources through training.
4.Improvement and updating of quality and management systems


Formulating a Strategy, bring the right team, creating a unique culture of fast decision making.
We use strategic forward-looking decisions, and we commit ourselves to a large amount of personal commitment and entrepreneurship Strategic planning means targeting and determining the direction of the organization and trying to align the activities of the company is necessary.
It is worth noting that in view of the volume of activities of the country’s industrial infrastructure, such as the construction of various types of power plants, refineries, petrochemicals, oil and gas, reservoirs, and … by the strategic thinking sector, the company is central to the success of the labor market of the Holding the Tose Sazehaie Energy Khazar Co. 


The TSEK Group seeks to solve the various environmental, industrial, social, and energy related problems of the 21st century, through using engineering expertise to focus on “modern technology” In striving towards these goals, TSEK is becoming a global enterprise offering the safety and security for the benefit of both the environment and humanity. “Modern Technology” means the technology used to improve the competitiveness of products and services offered, by strengthening the capabilities required in development, design, supply, manufacture and construction.