• General Contracting to manage the Construction and Implementation of Related Projects in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Power Industries
  • Project Management, Design & Engineering, Supply and procurement, Construction, Installation, Commissioning & Operation
  • Implementation of various industrial projects in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemical, power, and water
  • Financing and investment in energy industry projects and plans
United Energy Developers
Khazar Supply and Trading Group
  • “Khazar Trade and Commercial Group” is one of the top exporters of domestic productions. This company is active in the importation of domestically demanded product
  • Investment, participation, and management in the production and sale of electrical energy through construction, utilization, and repair of various power plants (thermal, water, and renewable), as well as power transmission and distribution lines.
Khazar Power Energy Development​
Sahand Energy Developers

The Executive Contractor (Installation and commissioning) works as follows​:

  • Power industries including thermal, gas, hydroelectric, combined cycle, industrial, etc. ​Oil, gas, petrochemical and refinery industries, energy and other related facilities
  • Collaboration with international companies to procure project equipment
  • Management of construction of steel structures and their equipment
  • Management in goods procurement, and commerce and provision of project services and goods
  • Implementation of construction complex projects
  • Design and manufacture of press machines
  • Design and construction of steel structures
  • Design and manufacture of pressure vessels
Machine Sazi Khorramabad (MSK)

Board of Directors


Our human resources policy is to create steps & processes to support team-work, innovation, build trust

Mission & Vision

The TSEK Group positions being a good corporate citizen who develops together with society as our primary objective and fulfills our social mission

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The global business landscape is transforming at lightning speed. The global economy has become increasingly more complicated as the economic climates of emerging nations have diversified, international economic partnerships have progressed, and as the industrial structure has changed. Swift progress in information technology has made it even more important to be innovative in our products and ervices offering, while incorporating information and communication technologies which keep pace with advancements in manufacturing,

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